5 Foolish Mistakes All Beginners in Rummy Make

5 Foolish Mistakes All Beginners in Rummy Make

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If you are not used to playing rummy, there are many things you still need to learn about the game. As a beginner, most people tend to repeat the same mistakes. If you wish to play Indian rummy online games and fare well too, here are 5 mistakes you should strictly avoid making. As you play rummy more frequently, there are other facts about the game you will learn eventually.

They Stock Jokers Unnecessarily

While jokers do help and act as lifelines once you are done with your sequences, they still have their imitations. A joker may help you complete your sets and certain sequences but the priority should always be given to the natural sequence. This is a fact that you need to know before you play rummy online for real cash. The new players give jokers undue importance. They may stock jokers even before the life is formed and this may prevent them from completing their natural sequence.

They Don’t Focus on Arranging Cards Properly

A good player knows that rummy is a game of skills. He organises his hand so that he can remember the cards in the hand and in the right order. This makes it easier for him to complete the sequences and plan his moves. All players who play online real cash winning games know how important it is to organise the cards in their hand.

They Prepare Melds First

Be it a game of rummy or real life, a successful person will always have his priorities set. He will know that his first goal should be to create the life. Once that is done, he may try and reduce the points in his hands. Winning may simply happen as a result of these tactics.

A loser will play without any planning. He may simply pick and throw cards in each turn without considering the implications. He may focus on making melds and then remember that his natural sequence is not ready yet.

They Create High Point Pairs for Completing Sequences

Sometimes, rummy players are lucky to get ready sequences when the cards are distributed. In most cases, players need to prepare pairs of cards that may form sequences by adding a card. While retaining such pairs, a good player will make sure that these pairs are made from low point cards. They would avoid waiting for a J of spades if they have King and Queen of Spades. They will instead dispose the high point cards to make lower point pairs. This is a good strategy and the number of points you lose if the sequence is not formed is also less. They practice these strategies as they play rummy online free without registration.

They Don’t Pass A Bad Hand

A good player has one motto. He believes it is better to pass a bad hand and lose few points than not pass and lose the whole game. This is not the case with a newbie player. A beginner is still in the learning process. He thinks he can win the game even with a bad hand at the start of the game. He does not analyse all the possibilities. That is why he holds on to the wrong hand and ends up wasting more points than expected.

If you are beginner in rummy games and are about to ask how to earn money by playing games, here is something we wish to say. No one turns into an expert in a single day. Practice helps you understand the nuances of the game and makes you better at your favourite card game. Simply visit the KhelplayRummy app and choose 13 card rummy game free download for android. Practice the game till you understand every trick and tactic. Once you are confident you are excellent playing with practice chips, you can go ahead and play with real chips.


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